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Studio City Range Turned Wetlands Park Rendered

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Even though money remains a big obstacle ($80 million, to be specific), the group known as Save LA River Open Space is chugging along in their efforts to turn a 16-acre golf course in Studio City into wetlands parkland adjacent to the LA River. The park would supply recreational space, provide a home to birds and wildlife, and clean storm run-off. Via lacreekfreak, comes these new renderings for the proposed park from the web site of Save LA River Open Space, which is soliciting donors to help fund the purchase of the Weddington Golf and Tennis from the current owners. While it's not clear if club owner Guy Weddington is still interested in unloading the land, he told the Daily News he was planning to build senior housing on their land, but would be open to selling the golf course should someone have the $80 million. A feasibility study on the park was originally planned to be released in June, but is running a bit behind, Laurie Cohn, the director of Save LA River Open Space, tells us.

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