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Is There Any Way Sofia Vergara Ran Naked Down Sunset Last Night?

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Back in July, *ABC 20th Century Fox Television bought For Your Consideration ads in the trades that read "If Modern Family wins the Emmy for Outstanding Comedy, Sofia Vergara will run naked down Sunset Blvd.* *Cast member may change without notice." The ad apparently worked--Modern Family did win Outstanding Comedy last night, and Vergara claims to have already fulfilled the ad's promise. Last night, after the awards, she told Access Hollywood "I did the run and I came back." Her costar Julie Bowen told People "When we went back to the press room, she had made a left turn and we all made a right turn...So for about 20 minutes, she was missing." Bowen says that when Vergara came back she said she had gone to do the naked Sunset run.

The Emmys were held at the Nokia Theatre, and Sunset Boulevard's easternmost point is at Figueroa, a couple miles north of LA Live. According to LAist, road closures went north to about Olympic. So Vergara would have had to get in a car, break free of the Emmy madness, drive two miles up Fig, disrobe, run for a second, get dressed, and head back through the Emmy madness. Going Metro would definitely have taken longer than 20 minutes roundtrip. Could she have done it? Maaaaaybe, but we're skeptical. Only one way to find out: anyone see her?
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