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Historic Bungalow in Echo Park Hills

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Good ol' Craigslist, always full of surprises. Like this listing for a "Historic Meso-American Fantasy Atwater Bungalow" in Echo Park. According to this article from American Bungalow magazine, Echo Park pioneer Dr. H. Gale Atwater hired Aztec Hotel architect Robert Stacy-Judd to build two Hopi-inspired bungalows on Avon Terrace in the early 1930s. Quoth the listing: "Perched atop a hill next to Elysian Park, Atwater Bungalow combines the features of a Pueblo Indian kiva with the fantasy of a Hollywood stage set. The bungalow is built of thick, unfinished stucco, with Pueblo-style windows, doors, stairways and other features. The home is spacious, with full dining and living room, three bedrooms, and two bathrooms with their original tile intact." Like most fantasies, this one doesn't come cheap: monthly rent is $4,500.--Pauline O'Connor
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