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Where Are the Last 41 Medical Marijuana Dispensaries?

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Yesterday the city attorney's office announced it had dramatically whittled down the number of marijuana dispensaries it believed to be eligible to stay open under the city's new ordinance, from 182 to 41. The ordinance allows for 70 dispensaries, and includes a guideline for the number of stores the city council ideally wants in each neighborhood. As you can see, the 41 stores left include just one in the South Bay, only three shops west of La Cienega, a fairly even distribution in the Valley, and the largest concentration around Hollywood. If the city actually succeeds in getting the number of dispensaries down this low, 29 more shops, chosen by lottery, will be allowed to open. The LAT has an interactive map of both eligible and ineligible dispensaries, and you can also compare to its May map of 137 dispensaries then believed eligible.
· L.A. finds only a quarter of registered pot dispensaries eligible to stay open [LAT]