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Proof That Train to LAX May Happen In Your Lifetime

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A transit center at Aviation and Century boulevards, which would be central to getting the Green Line--and the under-study Crenshaw line--to LAX, received a $1.45 million federal grant, reports The Daily Breeze. That money, along with a 20 percent match of $290,000, will go towards the preliminary engineering phase of the South Bay transit center that starts this fall--the transit center will be built as part of the $1.7 billion Crenshaw Line which is scheduled to be constructed between 2012 and 2018, according to the newspaper. The idea is the station would serve as a hub for the Green and Crenshaw lines, connecting people to buses and the planned people mover that will bring fliers to the terminals of the airport. "The grant is great news for the South Bay, which is finally on its way to being connected by rail to LAX," U.S. representative Jane Harman, who pushed for the money, told the paper. Last month, news broke that Westchester homeowners were lobbying for another LAX-adjacent stop (though not connected via a people mover to the airport) at Aviation and Manchester.
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