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1200 Sweetzer Not Dead, But Is West Hollywood Condo Market?

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Numerous readers have pointed out the site is down. Given the bloodletting of West Hollywood condo prices, and the fact that this project has been on the market for a while, the concern is understandable. But the 10-unit building has just been transferred to a different real estate agency, according to Tracey Broadman at Westside Estate Agency, who now represents the project. Broadman says she opted to set up a new site-- meet 1200NorthSweetzer!---rather than pay former 1200 Sweetzer agent Robert Leighton $5,000 for the old site (that's what he personally paid to set up the site). Meanwhile, Leighton, who works for Sotheby's, sounded pretty glum when asked about the state of the West Hollywood condo market. "I don't think the market will get any better, I feel there's the possibility of a double dip unless lenders start loosening their requirements," he said. Hearing the phrase "double dip," we screamed and hung up on Leighton. But not before finding out that all told, one unit at 1200 Sweetzer has closed escrow. Two units are in contract.
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