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Plastik Mid-City Coffee, Rush Redux in Culver City, Asia in NoHo, Alcove Grows in Los Feliz, Agura Closes in WeHo

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The latest updates from Eater LA, Curbed's hedonistic eating and drinking blog...

MID-CITY: What a pleasant addition to the Pico/Fairfax area--the Paper or Plastik coffee shop (pictured) opens on Saturday, and is described by our friends at Eater as Intelligentsia-like (gentrification alert!).

CULVER CITY: Speaking of gentrification, another space in Culver City is turning into a yuppie eating paradise. The people behind the popular Rush Street are planning a new restaurant for the old Double Dutch space. Eater predicts a late '10 opening.

NORTH HOLLYWOOD: Near Lankershim and Riverside is Summer Canteen, which opened earlier this month. With influences from Burma, Vietnam, and Northern Thailand, the restaurant has a nice industrial look and is open for lunch and dinner.

LOS FELIZ: This could be wonderful or make an already busy situation a complete clusterfunk. The reliably delicious Alcove on Hillhurst is adding a bar to its space called Big Bar, featuring fruity libations and fancy syrups.

WEST HOLLYWOOD: That was fast--Agura on the north end of La Cienega's restaurant row has shuttered after 10 months of operation. But no worries, the place is getting rejiggered and relaunching in September.