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Santee Court for Sale, Stanford Regency Plaza in Chapter 11

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DOWNTOWN: Santee Court, that 165-unit apartment complex (plus retail) in the fashion district, hit the market about four weeks ago, according to a tipster. A Texas-based firm, L & B Realty Advisors, is selling the big apartment complex (for an unknown pension fund), which is right next to Santee Village, which is still in escrow. It's a Santee sale spree. [Curbed Staff]

DOWNTOWN: Stanford Regency Plaza, a very large and very expensive and never completed 400,000-square-foot garment complex in the fashion district, filed for Chapter 11 yesterday, confirms an attorney for developer KI Group. The $80 million project was 90 percent done, the Downtown News reported earlier this year, when KI sued its lender. On the upside, we're noticing far fewer bankruptcy filings by developers in the last six months. Probably because no one is left. [Curbed Staff]