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Designer Greg Lynn's 5900 Wilshire Pavilion Not Dead

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Image via Greg Lynn
Remember a few years ago when local designer and Blob King Greg Lynn was going to put a funky-looking cafe and pavilion on the base of the 5900 Wilshire building, a move meant to extend the feel of LACMA and draw tourists across the street? The plan is still kicking around. (And hey, this could give all those Wilshire Boulevard food trucks a new place to pull up.) The Los Angeles Business Journal checks in with 5900 Wilshire owner Wayne Ratkovich, and while it doesn't sound like plans are concrete, he tells the paper pavilion construction could start sometime after 2011. And no surprise here: He's also looking to reduce costs. "In 2007, Ratkovich said the project would cost about $7 million. He now says the plans could be modified to 'make it less expensive.'"
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