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Give 'Em Three--Mayor's Bike Safety Campaign Launches

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The first component of Mayor Villaraigosa bike safety program, announced at last week's bike summit, has gotten off the ground, reports the Daily News. Developed by the Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition, this attached Gumby poster will hang at 150 bus stops located at busy streets around the city. The idea, if it's not already clear, is to get drivers to pass bikes at a safe enough distance (a cab recently declined to show the mayor that courtesy). Villaraigosa also wants Sacramento to make the three feet law official, and he'll be producing television spots to promote the idea, as well as general bike safety. Further along in the future, the mayor hopes to turn the city's 372 miles of designated bikeways into 1,600 miles, as well as require helmets for all adults on two wheels.
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