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Hollywood Hills House Goes Even Higher, Except in Price

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That listing that sounded like it was written by the Double Rainbow guy, the one that told you "Even the birds are jealous" of this house? It makes TOTAL sense now. Lots of photos of this three bedroom, two and a half bathroom in the Hollywood Hills have been added to Redfin, and they approach the grooviness of the listing copy itself (they include, by the way, a handy label for Downtown). The copy has overall toned it down to let the photos shine, but it has added this: "Ask the Realtor to show you the video. .. The best 200 seconds you could ever spend!!" Better than the Double Rainbow video, dude? The house was listed last month at $1.225 million and has come down a little to $1.075 million.
· Gettin' High in the Hollywood Hills [Curbed LA]
· 8191 BAIRD Rd [Redfin]

8191 Baird Rd., Los Angeles, CA