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Del Taco Drug Store? Culver City Chatter

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In better days. This Del Taco has been flattened
HOLLYWOOD: This question keeps coming in: "Can you please provide information on what will go into the Del Taco sight located at Santa Monica and Highland." First, it was noted that it is a commercial building that's coming, and now, building permit work indicates that this will be a drug store, but that couldn't immediately be confirmed. Oooh, the mystery. What excitement. [Curbed InBox]

CULVER CITY: Sometimes the tips come in and they are very difficult to decipher. A little help/translation? "[Two mondays ago] the developers of the 4043 project which was originally planned as condos and has languished since 2008 received approval from the city for $6M for affordable housing - 12 units out of 28 are tapped to be moderate and low income. In a last ditch effort the neighborhood activists claimed to be 'for' affordable housing - but called it a "bailout". The developers plan to break ground in Oct 2011. Check with CC RDA for details." [Curbed InBox]