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Behnisch is a Finalist in St. Louis's Gateway Arch Competition

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Five finalists released their designs this week for The City + The Arch + The River, a competition to weave St. Louis' Gateway Arch and its surrounding park "into the fabric of the St. Louis region – as well as connect it with both sides of the Mississippi River." A team led by the Los Angeles office of Behnisch Architekten is among the five finalists, with their proposal for a project "organized but not bounded by the flow of the great Mississippi River, and encircled around and across it by an aggregate of...public places, parks, promenades, performance stages, resource centers and recreation fields." The plan includes a new Gateway museum, a St. Louis Music Project, and, wait for it...a gondola across the Mississippi River. The winning design will be announced on September 24, and organizers hope to have the selected project completed by 2015, the fiftieth anniversary of the topping of Eero Saarinen's arch.
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