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AmApp on DeathWatch, Highland Having a Moment, Lame Target Demonstration

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The latest news from our street and store-obsessed sibling, Racked LA...

DOWNTOWN: Say goodbye to your favorite creepy underage billboard model now, because American Apparel is officially on DeathWatch. Racked admits "much the way Steven Colbert and John Stewart needed W and Dick Cheney, our business is richer for having Dov Charney, American Apparel, and all of those sex scandals in it."

HOLLYWOOD MEDIA DISTRICT: With the arrival of a James Perse store, Racked wonders if this section of Highland isn't on its way up. It's already got yoga and cupcakes, so we think that's a big "YES."

WEST HOLLYWOOD: Racked stopped by the West Hollywood Target last weekend during a demonstration in response to the company's political donations and found the whole scene to be kind of lackluster. Not a lot of protest in that protest.