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Will Ferrell Visits the Brody House, Total Grossout in Mt. Washington

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HOLMBY HILLS:A sale recently fell through for the A. Quincy Jones/Billy Haines Brody House, which has been on the market since May at $24.95 million. So the real estate agents re-staged and hosted a private showing last night with guests including Will Ferrell, the Hammer Museum's Ann Philbin, and at least one toddler (our invitation must have been lost in the mail). The LA Times' coverage has some good details: Frances Lasker Brody didn't like living next door to the Playboy Mansion, except on the Fourth of July when Hugh Hefner would stage a fireworks display, and an employee says "We had to remember to bring the little Picasso ceramics in from the porch when it rained." [LAT]

MT. WASHINGTON: Now for a complete 180--you haven't eaten lately, have you? A tipster writes in: "Probably the gross-est real estate photo I've seen in a while...(last pic) What was the realtor thinking???" That he hates househunters, maybe? [Curbed Inbox]

Playboy Mansion

10236 Charing Cross Road, , CA 90024 Visit Website

Brody House

360 S. Mapleton Dr., Los Angeles, CA