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Malibu Residents Worry about Pacific Coast Highway Accidents

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But it looks idyllic here. Image via Picture Ninja
The Los Angles Times reports that Malibu residents are speaking out about the safety of the Pacific Coast Highway, pointing to the recent death of a 13-year-old who was struck by a car when walking along the shoulder of the highway, an accident which marked the fifth fatality this year in the Malibu area. As one local says: "As beautiful as Malibu is, we who live here know first-hand what an ongoing dangerous nightmare the Pacific Coast Highway can be." Those concerned about safety want more sensors, red light cameras and barriers to separate the road from the shoulder, while at least one resident is thinking even bigger: He wants the state to build a freeway to bypass Malibu. Meanwhile, data collected by the Times shows that in fact that Malibu PCH fatalities average about 2.5 per year for the last decade, and that the two-mile PCH stretch through West Los Angeles is far more problematic than Malibu. Traffic Sgt. Philip Brooks at the sheriff's Malibu/Lost Hills Station, tell the paper the "real problem is the way the city grew up around PCH. 'It's the unfortunate logistics of the city. They have a highway as their main road,' he said."
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