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Westwood's Crappy Roads Tossing People Off Their Bikes

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The Daily Bruin reports on the shoddy status of Westwood's roads and what that means for cyclists who brave them. Examples: After hitting uneven pavement, one UCLA student recently went flying at the intersection of Wilshire and Westwood blvds, while a campus lecturer was sent careening into an Escalade after biking over a pothole. A popular route to campus, Comstock Avenue, is called a good street for "off-roading" by the Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition and the Bruin says that the parcel of Wilshire, between Santa Monica Boulevard and Comstock is called the "gauntlet" by riders because of its dangerous terrain. The street maintenance division of the Bureau of Street Services is responsible for keeping the streets navigable for vehicles, but they primarily respond to complaints rather than perform regular upkeep. The article suggests bikers call 311 to expedite complaints, but until the fixes come? "Cracks, potholes and raised, broken concrete are all over the road, forcing cyclists to mix with cars," according to Gareth Walsh, the man who ate Escalade. "Gauntlet" image via The Bruin
· Unkempt Streets Upset Bicyclists [The Daily Bruin]