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Nothing Horsey About WeHo Billboard Tax, Says Mike McNeilly

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Remember that campaign that surfaced in West Hollywood last week, the one that called for a tax on billboards in that city? The rep for the group--dubbed Sunset Strip Inc--is Mike McNeilly, news first reported by the Coalition to Ban Billboard Blight, and now confirmed by the man himself. But the SkyTag founder says this proposal isn’t a Trojan Horse, as claimed by City Councilwoman Abbe Land and the Billboard Blight blog (the blog points out this proposal would lift a general prohibition on off-site advertising signs, allowing “tall wall” signs on Santa Monica and Beverly Boulevards). "The so-called "Trojan Horse" is presented to allow other property owners in West Hollywood the same rights as others who have been granted these rights by the City," McNeilly writes in an email to Curbed.

"The section that allows for tall walls on Santa Monica and Beverly Blvd in West Hollywood still requires the location to meet ALL the current standards for tall wall permits in West Hollywood. Currently there is only 1 or 2 properties that may qualify in West Hollywood and if permitted they would be taxed as well. The initiative does not allow for any new billboards or other off site signage in West Hollywood."

Additionally, he notes in a follow-up email that he will push to get this proposal---which he thinks will raise at least $4.2 million for WeHo-- put up for a vote in the March 2011 election. Earlier this year, Councilman Herb Wesson floated the idea of an outdoor advertising tax in Los Angeles. Via Jason in West Hollywood
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