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China Developing Gargantuan Car-Eating Bus

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Those crazy Chinese! Their latest wackadoodle idea is enormous buses that are built so high, cars can pass underneath them, reports This design would enable buses to travel as if in bus-only lanes, but not take away car capacity from existing roads--the latter point being a complaint used by those against bus-only lanes, e.g. those planned for Wilshire. The bus would actually be kind of like a train, with two options of operation: "rails can be installed on both sides of a car lane or white lines can be painted on both sides of the bus which would allow autopilot technology to be used." The super buses would carry about 1,300 people at a time and would pick up passengers by stopping at terminals on the side of the road, or possibly a ladder-system (probably the former). Oh, and it's powered by electricity and solar power, and will actually get a test run in Beijing.

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