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Echo Park Skinny Development Would Bring 8 Svelte Townhouses

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A public advisory meeting was held yesterday regarding a proposed development that would bring a new kind of small to Echo Park--four-story townhouses (including garages) that are less than 20 feet wide. Plans by the developer, Echo Park LLC, call for turning an 8,000 square foot lot, which once housed an abandoned gas station, into eight separate homes stacked next to each other. Most of the units are 39 feet long, 45 feet high, and 18-feet and 8 inches wide; cars would have to be parked tandem in the garages. The development, of course, is made possible by the city's small lot ordinance, passed in 2004. So far, there is a bit of grumbling over the development. Sarah Molina, a city planning associate, said about 8-10 people showed up at the advisory meeting to voice opposition, and previously, the Echo Park neighborhood council declined to support the project because of height and density issues, reports The Eastsider LA. Molina said her department will make a decision on the project in about two or three weeks.

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