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Calabasas Considering Taking in Some Lonely Parts of LA County

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Calabasas is having an old-fashioned land rush, whoo-ee. The city is already in the process of incorporating two developed subdivisions and is now thinking about heading south into undeveloped territory. Mont Calabasas and Mountain View Estates are both northwest of Calabasas, and are pending annexation along with some adjacent permanent open space. The city is beginning to look into the incorporation of southern land, including only parcels north of Mulholland Highway, reports the Acorn.

Unlike the northern expansion, the southern area is pretty undeveloped, so the city will have to deal with issues like the state-mandated Regional Housing Needs Assessment and the transfer of services currently provided by the county. The area also includes a little Coastal Zone, so the city would probably need to create a coastal plan, according to a city council staff report on the annexation. Since this is the Santa Monica Mountain National Recreation Area, a lot of this land is also very strictly zoned. Some residents of the proposed addition are on board, but some are not happy about the annexation plan, fearing development and even forced sewers replacing their septic tanks. One such resident of Stokes Canyon tells the Acorn "Calabasas is quit[e] urban and we don’t think it’s compatible with our lifestyles." The city council has agreed to poll area residents on the matter.
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