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Say 'Ello to Hollywood's New Redbury Hotel

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Photographs by Elizabeth Daniels

Hollywood waited too long for its Palihouse, and now it's moving on quickly, having taken up with SBE's Sam Nazarian (CIM Group took on the distressed Palihouse in February after buying the loan on the project (developer Palisades originally had the building); it was announced Nazarian would take over operations in June). Nazarian's The Redbury soft-launched this past Monday and will officially open on September 1, along with its restaurant Cleo. The 57 Redbury rooms range from about 750 square feet to about 1,020 square feet (this is about an 800 square foot room in these photos). Rates range from $299 to about $1,000 a night. The hotel's style is English Boho and carefully eclectic--the doors and lights are all mismatched--guided by the creative direction of photographer and music video director Matthew Rolston. And v. analog: The Redbury's website says rooms come stocked with records and turntables.
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The Redbury

1717 Vine St., Los Angeles, CA