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Neighbors Thought Different City Councilman Lived in Alarcon's House

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[Image via LA Daily News]

The LA Daily News has gone asking questions around City Councilmember Richard Alarcon's house in Panorama City. That's the one he says he and his family have been living in for years, but the DA suspects differently and Alarcon and his wife have been indicted on 24 felony counts of perjury, voter fraud, and more. The Daily News declares the property "in shabby condition. It could use a coat of paint, and the landscaping is virtually nonexistent. Other than a few small palm trees and plants, the large front yard is covered in caked dirt and weeds."

Alarcon says he, his wife, and their two daughters were recently temporarily living in a nicer house they own in Sun Valley because an attempted squatter broke into the two bedroom, two bathroom Panorama City house last October. A burglar alarm was installed by the city in March. But the Panorama City neighbors don't even know who lives in the house, according to "a survey of most" of them by the LADN. One thought it was Sixth District City Councilmember Tony Cardenas. One thought it was a congressman. One neighbor says "We bought our house about a year ago...At that time, it didn't look like anyone lived across the street in (Alarcón's) house. It wasn't until about six months ago that we started seeing someone living there – a woman, a little girl, and a well-dressed man."
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