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Ghost of Building Booms Past Still Haunting Eagle Rock

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It's not that this house is so outrageously hideous, it's that it's so ordinarily hideous. According to the listing, the house is a new build this year, and it manages to squeeze in all the worst elements of the last boom: random shapes, granite countertops, cookie cutter stainless steel appliances, wrought iron in weird places, vinyl sliding doors, and a square tub trying to fit into a round space. On top of all that, it's in Eagle Rock, where as far as we know there is not a huge demand for bland McMansions. The house was first listed in June and appears to have been pricechopped; right now it's asking $795,000.
· 4907 LOCKHAVEN [Redfin]

4907 Lockhaven Ave., Los Angeles, CA