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Get Some Fresh Air and a Little Culture at Santa Monica Place

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Photographs by
Elizabeth Daniels

We won't blame you if you haven't ventured into the madeover Santa Monica Place in its first few weeks--reports from the mall have been bananas. So here's our (much less stressful) tour of the ex-Frank Gehry project, which the Architect's Newspaper calls "less jazzy and more natural, less claustrophobic and more connected" than the original indoor mall.

Dallas firm Omniplan got rid of all the doors, and added open entryways, each of which "references its adjacent neighborhood. For instance the 2nd Street entry, closest to the beach, features organic forms, including a wide, curving eave reminiscent of a wave’s crest." In these photos you'll also notice several public art installations--old friend "Cradle" by Ball-Nogues, the 60 foot tall phallus-shaped "Sliver" by Christian Moeller in the central plaza, Anne Marie Karlsen's mosaic "Wheels," and those mannequin pieces curated by Simon Doonan. Pasadena blogger Brigham Yen likes the whole thing so much he wants one for his town.
· Santa Monica Place Swaps Gehry for Airy [A/N]

Santa Monica Place

396 Santa Monica Pl., Santa Monica, CA Visit Website

Santa Monica Place

396 Santa Monica Pl., Santa Monica, CA