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Hard Times For West Hollywood's Fifth Marijuana Dispensary

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West Hollywood's marijuana dispensary rules allow for only four shops, but the Sunset Super Shop is unlucky number five. The city has filed a lawsuit against the store, alleging it's unlicensed, creating a public nuisance, violating codes, and engaging in unfair business practices, according to the WeHo News. A family called the Lannings owns the building in which the Sunset Super Shop operates, but in 2005 they leased the space to a dispensary run by a man named Andrew Kramer. The Lannings bought that licensed dispensary in 2008, but got into some sort of legal fracas with Kramer, who then wrote to the city in 2009 asking that the permit for the shop be revoked. He then went on to open the licensed Zen dispensary on Santa Monica. The city's lawsuit, filed in May, says it's not just the licensing issue--it claims the shop doesn't attend the dispensary meetings the city holds, "and does not abide policies and procedures determined in them." The store could be forced to close and pay $2,500 per violation, but the Lannings have said they'll fight the charges and file a cross complaint. [Image via Sunset Super Shop]
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