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Jeremy Irons Narrates Plastic Bag From LA to the Pacific

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Hoping to muster support for California's proposed plastic bag ban, Heal the Bay has produced and released this mockumentary video on a bag's life. Jeremy Irons narrates the story, which shows the bag traveling around Los Angeles, getting chewed on by a yorkie, swimming along the LA River, and finally joining the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, a floating mass of deritus "twice the size of Texas." The state assembly already passed the bag ban, AB 1998, and a senate appropriations committee is looking into it and has until this summer to get it to Governor Schwarzenegger, who has already vowed to sign it. If passed, it would be the first statewide ban on plastic bags (shoppers would have to pay a nickel for paper bags should they forget their own reusable totes). California uses 19 billion bags annually, leading to 123,000 tons of waste and costing taxpayers $25 million a year in cleanup efforts, according to Heal the Bay.

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