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Producers Fighting Over Who Gets to Destroy Los Angeles First

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Top: Battle: Los Angeles; bottom: Skyline

So many ways to destroy Los Angeles. You could lay out $20 million for a small, gritty affair about a ragtag group of Angelenos outrunning alien attack. You could spend $100 million for a blockbuster about a marine platoon fighting against alien attack. Either way, the Capitol Records building accordions and the Randy's donut rolls, right? Well, Sony disagrees. They're the ones paying for the big budget Battle: Los Angeles, and they're claiming the smaller picture, Skyline, produced by Hydraulx, has ripped them off.

They say the problem is that Hydraulx also did Battle's special effects, and in a cease and desist letter to the company write "We demand you stop breaching your visual effects agreement," TheWrap reports. Hydraulx says the issue is more that Skyline comes out in November 2010 and Battle doesn't make it to theaters until March 2011, and that Sony is just trying push Hydraulx's release date back. They say they didn't use any Battle ideas in their picture, telling the blog "We’ve been in the alien invasion business for many years before Battle LA...The first movie I directed was an alien invasion, called Alien Vs Predator: Requiem."

· Sony Accuses 'Skyline' of... Making a Low-Budget Blockbuster [TheWrap]