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Long Beach Gets Its Port Art, More From the Bike Summit

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Image via Long Beach Post

LONG BEACH: That Greenmeme-designed art project we mentioned last week debuted in downtown LB this weekend. Artists Freya Bardell and Brian Howe used more than 30,000 feet of woven cargo netting, a wood stage, and a three cranes to create Urban Lab: Chantilly Clad, writes the Long Beach Post. The art is meant to honor the city's port and harbor heritage. [Long Beach Post]

LOS ANGELES: So, after the boos, what's the take-away from today's bike summit downtown? The AP reports the mayor said he would "support a statewide law requiring drivers to stay at least three feet away when they are passing cyclists." And The Source has a little more on Villaraigosa's helmet proposal, which would apply to those over 18, since children are already required to wear helmets while on bikes. The mayor also said he would support expedited bike lanes and produce PSAs for the media and YouTube about respecting cyclists. Ride on. [AP/The Source]