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Castle Crags Historic-Cultural Monument in Eagle Rock

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A great-uncle you didn't even know you had has left you millions in his will! All you have to do is spend one night in the foreboding-looking Castle Crags in Eagle Rock. Mwahaha! Oh wait, no, Castle Crags is actually just a Los Angeles historic-cultural monument (link goes to a pdf) for rent, built in 1888 and once owned by local booster Charles W. Young. According to the listing, the house recently underwent a big restoration and it has "4 large bedrooms, one small bedroom, and a bonus room," plus two and a half bathrooms, a yard, a porch, a formal dining room, and a bidet. The rental also comes with "Some original Victorian furniture" and a washer/dryer. Rent is $4,250.
· $4250 / 5br - 2 1/2 bath Restored 1888 Victorian Castle (Eagle Rock) [Craigslist]