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Homeowners vs. Tourists: Battle of the Hollywood Tour Buses

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The non-stars who happen to live near the stars are on the offensive against tour bus companies, who they say are blocking their streets, making rackets, and bringing tourists around to peer through their windows. As the Park La Brea News points out, dealing with the buses is a little complicated, "in part because so many different city and state agencies have a hand in regulating tour companies, including the Los Angeles Department of Transportation, the California Highway Patrol, the Bureau of Street Services, and the Los Angeles Police Department." Nevertheless, last week City Councilmember Tom LaBonge introduced a motion that would ban public address systems on tour buses and require gawkers to wear headsets instead.

In Beachwood Canyon, homeowners put out their own money to erect signs telling tourists where they can legally park to see the Hollywood Sign; LaBonge also wants to make sure GPS companies have the right info. Beverly Hills has been aggressively enforcing its loading and unloading laws and issuing citations for noncompliance. And a Hollywood-area taskforce made up of public, private, and LAPD representatives, are getting together next month to discuss the tour buses. According to the Park La Brea News, "Earlier this year, the task force orchestrated the removal of masked characters from the boulevard," so we know they mean business.

Meanwhile, New York City is also dealing with this issue and recently passed a motion that requires the buses to replace loudspeaker systems with headphones.
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