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Green Line, Metro's Stephen Baldwin, Turns 15

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Sadly, no one really paid attention (bday was yesterday). The funny thing is, as MetroRider LA points out, 40,000 people ride the Norwalk-to-Redondo Beach Green Line everyday--nothing to shake a stick at. But no one is really claiming the light-rail hits any huge/important centers of business, leisure, or education: "If the Metro Rail lines were Baldwin brothers, the Green Line would be Stephen. (The decision to bypass LAX is the Green Line’s Bio-Dome.)" Created out of a consent decree imposed by the creation of the Century Freeway, the Green Line has many deficiencies, which MetroRider lays out: it travels nowhere to nowhere, misses the beach, traverses an aerospace sector that no longer exists, the stations are in a freeway median and are not within walking distance of anything useful, nearby bus service isn't optimal, and of course, the LAX issue. But as said before, the line does carry a bunch of people--the blog surmises they're people connecting to the Blue Line or heading to work at LAX--and thinking positively, could become more useful if planned extensions to Torrance and the airport happen (there's funding for those), as well as a proposed connection to the Norwalk Metrolink station (no funding yet).
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