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Beloit Street Condos, Emerson College Construction Update

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Woo-hee, we're cutting out early, summer hours-style. Have a great weekend.

WEST LA: After documenting the rise of all those condos around the Sawtelle area---Soho Square to T-Lofts--here's how that 63-unit condominium project from Beloit Associates LLC that's rising next to the 405 Freeway is looking. Some people like living next to freeways, some people don't, but at least living in this town gives you somewhat of a choice, doesn't it? [Curbed Staff]

HOLLYWOOD: At a City Council meeting earlier this week, City Council President Eric Garcetti delayed a vote on the Emerson College project so conversations with neighbor EastWest Studios---which has concerns about the project--can continue. Yay, group hug.

Also, a clarification: EastWest owner Doug Rogers is asking for a 12 pm stop time for construction noise and vibration work, not for all construction. EastWest made the same deal with the owners of the nearby Technicolor Building (work there stopped at 12 pm), he tells us, when that project went up. (Also, Technicolor Building didn't require excavation work.) So he says he's just asking for a similar work schedule. And, according to Rogers, his studios were built to withstand noise and vibration from Sunset Blvd, but not built to withstand noise and vibration from Gordon or to the west. "I'm not opposed to the building provided we get the concessions that we are seeking,” he says. And look, here's a short movie all about EastWest. Happy Friday. [Curbed InBox]

Emerson College Los Angeles

5960 Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90028