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Be the Sheriff of Los Feliz's Nottingham

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This house on Nottingham really runs with a vague Disney connection. If we're not mistaken, that's Henry II's coat of arms in the stained glass (known to old school Disney fans as simpering King John's father)? And is there not a touch of the Queen of Hearts out on the deck? (There are most definitely Pinocchio paintings on the wall). The listing tells us this five bedroom, four and a half bathroom "IS NOT THE SAME HOME YOU'VE SEEN PREVIOUSLY!!" A family room has been added, the kitchen has been renovated, and "Crestron home automation technology" has been installed. That's so Pixar! The house last sold in 2007 at $2.55 million and now wants to steal $2.795 million from the rich. Here's the listing.

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2640 Nottingham Ave., Los Angeles, CA