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A Sucky Summer in SoCal is Still Better Than a Sucky Summer Somewhere Else

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Via LA Observed, the National Weather Service answers the question we've all been asking: "What has happened to summer in Southern California?" The NWS says "it was among the coolest Julys ever recorded across portions of the southland," and specifically highs were across the board low. The overall month as recorded at LAX tied with Julys 1948 and 1965 as the coolest since people started keeping track (in August 1944), but the average high for the month was 70.5 degrees, which is 4.8 degrees lower than average, "and by far the coolest since 1944." The previous record low, set in 1965, was 71.6 degrees. Daily highs hit record (or tying) lows somewhere in the area on 24 days in July and at LAX on 14 days. Those include the lowest high temperature ever recorded in July--65 degrees on July 8, which, the NWS says "would be below normal even for January!" So far August's average high at LAX has been 68.8, almost 8 degrees below average.

Why, weather gods, why? The NWS says it has something to do with an upper-level trough that won't leave. The low pressure area has been hanging around or just off the coast "For the better part of the past two and a half months," which has created "a significant marine influence across coastal and valley areas of southwestern California," and prevented "the typical decrease in low clouds and fog this summer." And furthermore ocean water temps are down "so daily sea breezes have been extra chilly...especially near the immediate coast."

On the other hand, have you seen what's been going on back east? Weather smugness rights: still ours. [Harris K. Telemacher via Shakesville]