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Monarch's Jons Killer Approved by WeHo, Carl's Jr Killer to Council*

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A reader sent in this photo from last week's meeting. This is the Fountain project, but both buildings look very similar in style
Here's your update on that pair of buildings developer Monarch Group wants to put down in West Hollywood. Last week, the Planning Commission approved the Fountain/La Brea project, a 6-story, 187-unit apartment building with 70,359 square feet of retail (seen above) that will take out the Jons grocery store that currently sits on the site. This project doesn't require the approval of the City Council, so barring any appeals, this one is a go. But a request for a tract map change--the tract map is essentially the blueprint for the project--that would give the developer the ability to change the buildings' rentals to condos, if they choose--will be considered down the road by the Planning Commission. UPDATE*: Rep for the developer talks funding and timeline after the jump. Weee.

Additionally, the Planning Commission gave their OK to the Santa Monica/La Brea project, a 6-story, 184-unit building with 12,808 square feet of ground floor retail space that will take out Carl's Jr. But because there's a zone change associated with that project (the developer is also asking for a tract map, which'll be considered at a later date by the Planning Commission), the building still has to be approved by the City Council.

At this point, no appeals have been filed yet on either project. The firm designing both project architecture firm Newman Garrison + Gilmour Partners. If you take a tour of the projects at Monarch's site, there are design similarities.

UPDATE: A representative for the developer tells us that the tract map change will help Monarch get a loan on the projects. At this point, Monarch is having conversations with numerous banks, and in terms of a timeline, ground-breaking is at least a year away, according to the rep. It will take about two years to build these two projects, which will be built as rentals, according to the rep.
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