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GuitarTown Launches on the Strip, Where's the Selma Hotel?

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WEST HOLLYWOOD: Wow, that was quick. After finishing with Sunset Strip beautification--and tree removal?--West Hollywood is celebrating by throwing itself a party. Meet GuitarTown! "GuitarTown is a public art project that features oversized guitar sculptures created by local and nationally-acclaimed visual artists, with each piece celebrating a musician, personality or influential moment unique to The Sunset Strip’s history and Gibson Guitar." The party is already underway on the Strip, according to the WeHo News. [WeHo News]

HOLLYWOOD: A reader wants to know what's going on with those plans for a hotel with a monkey jungle in Hollywood. "What happened to Killefer Flammang's 120-room Selma Avenue Hotel in Hollywood? Any word?" [Curbed InBox]