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Revised Century Plaza Plan Would See Two Tall Towers Rise

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Next Century developer Michael Rosenfeld unveiled his new plan for the Century Plaza, reports the Los Angeles Times, and it's now a project that would see two 46-story skyscrapers--designed by architecture firm Pei Cobb Freed & Partners--go up behind the now-protected Century Plaza Hotel. Via the Times: "Compared with other, more colorful skyscrapers in Century City, the look of the proposed towers is "quiet," [Henry] Cobb said. "We are trying to strengthen the identity of Century Plaza and not diminish it." City Councilman Paul Koretz is speaking out in support of this version of the project, which would add 290 condos and 190,000 square feet of offices/retail in those towers, while Mike Eveloff, president of Tract 7260, a homeowners group, tells the paper "More development is not what West L.A. needs right now." But back to that design: Yes, you're welcome, Next Century.
· New plan for Century Plaza hotel adds two 46-story towers [LAT]