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Triangulated 1960s Home in the Hollywood Hills

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A-wooogah! Call the preacher, because we are smitten. Even if you told us this 1960s A-frame in the Hollywood Hills was built on a landfill, which in turn had been built over a sacred Indian burial ground, and that it was largely held together by termites and carpenter bees, we'd still want it (though we'd swap out the cheesy yellow Beemer in the garage for one of these, obviously). The 2,076-square-foot home features three bedrooms--the master has its own separate entrance--two-and-a-half baths, and a "private flat grassy yard w/ circular stone patios, terraces & decks w/ sculpture ironwork." It last changed hands in September 2009 for $710,000; today's list price is $899,000.
· 2301 El Contento Dr, Los Angeles CA 90068 [Redfin]

2301 El Contento Dr, Los Angeles CA 90068