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1906 Craftsman With Carriage House in Jefferson Park

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"Oh brother," was our initial response to the listing copy for this 1906 Craftsman in Jefferson Park, which kicks off with this doozie: "A broad, recessed dormer and a bold two-story bay punctuate this dynamic early Craftsman, with generous, extended eaves and supple rafters." Supple rafters?! But about halfway through the ad, we started imagining it being spoken by Margaret Dumont, and it became much more enjoyable. Let's hear more, shall we? "Dramatic interplays of volume extend to the second floor with lancet-shaped cove ceilings, and an intimate, tree top sleeping porch. Sophisticated kitchen, with pantry, glass tile backsplash, and custom linoleum inlay floor, opens onto a mature acacia tree, providing beautifully filtered ambiance. An unusually generous lot size, aided by an exceptionally wide frontage results in an unrivaled outdoor-life. Gravel mulch gives way to thick shows of wildflowers in spring. Stonework and a dry-stream bed capture and second arroyo, an Italian fountain, and meandering paths dividing beds stocked with fruit trees underplanted with roses, sage and lavender." Sounds delicious! Asking price for the three bedroom property, which also includes a two-story carriage house/studio, is $690,000.
· 2158 West 24th St, Los Angeles, CA 90018 [Redfin]

2158 West 24th St, Los Angeles, CA 90018