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Crescenta Valley Neon Green Home Pisses Off the Neighbors

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The Glendale News Press has the latest on a home at 3045 Markridge Road in Crescenta Valley, a residence that has been painted a bright, neon green. And there's purple trim to jazz up the windows. Via the paper: "The blaring neon color has also done more than simply highlight the Markridge Road house, exposing the lack of regulatory recourse for nearby homeowners. 'It's completely inconsistent with the neighborhood,' said resident Mark Pearson. 'We have a real concern it's going to lower property values.'" While neighbors have complained to the local council, "Los Angeles County has few guidelines for residential buildings in the unincorporated areas." Neighbors still plan to write a letter and look into ordinances that could regulate the way the homes look in the area. Perhaps you want to start looking at Beverly Hills' design review board, CV? Via GNP
· It's not easy being green [Glendale News Press]