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High-Speed Rail: Ridership Numbers Defended, Park Concerns, Whitman's No Fan

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Yesterday, the California High-Speed Rail Authority directors met in downtown, a meeting that was at least partially blogged live by the California High-Speed Rail blog. The Los Angeles Times was also there, and reports that High-Speed Rail members disputed a recent study questioning ridership and revenue estimates (long-simmering issues). Meanwhile, the Associated Press reports that environmentalists are upset by a possible proposal on the part of the High-Speed Rail Authority to "dig under Los Angeles State Historic Park and much of the artifacts buried underneath. A coalition of said the 'cut and cover' technique would dig up the park, previously known as the cornfield, make it unusable for years and damage artifacts from the city's early history." And in related news, Meg Whitman is speaking out against high-speed rail. “Meg believes the state cannot afford the costs associated with high-speed rail due to our current fiscal crisis,” said the Republican gubernatorial candidate’s spokeswoman Sarah Pompei in an e-mailed statement to the Sacramento Bee.
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