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Frolicking Along a Clean Green LA River? Maybe

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Folks walking along the Cheonggyecheon stream, a reclaimed urban stream in Seoul. LA had a date with this stream.

As noted, yesterday the Environmental Protection Agency declared the 51-mile LA River a navigable waterway, as opposed to simply a concrete-lined storm channel. Previously, the Army Corps of Engineers declared only four miles of the waterway as navigable; what the new declaration means in a practical sense is that the river and its tributaries will be protected from heavy development and pollution by the Clean Water Act, according to lacreekfreak. EPA administrator Lisa Jackson was quoted by the Los Angeles Times as saying, "We're moving away from the concrete." All this has been heralded by Friends of the L.A. River, a group working hard to return the unsightly river back to its green roots. They got more good news recently when the County announced they bought four acres of land near the river's Compton Creek from a local casino. The plan is to restore the polluted area into green space and add bike and pedestrian access.
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