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Palmer's Piero II Rising in City West

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Work started earlier this year on developer Geoff Palmer's Piero II project at 6th and Bixel in City West, and here's how the 335-unit apartment project is currently looking. The faux-Tuscan style building will be finished in the fall of 2011, according to a rep for the developer, while the project will also have one of those Palmer bridges--a bridge will span over St. Paul Street, connecting Piero II with its Italian brother, Piero I. Meanwhile, a smart developer friend recently remarked that Geoff Palmer and Barry Shy are the two most successful downtown developers right now. Both men churn out rental buildings at a remarkable, and some might say, terrifying, pace, and seem to fill them up. Shy's got a leg up in the lion department, however.
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bixel and sixth, los angeles