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It's a Swan Dive: Top 250 Architectural Firms (By Revenue)

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The Architectural Record has released its list of the top grossing architectural firms of 2009. While revenues were actually up in 2008 for the top 250 firms, things are different this year, according to AR. "Waiting to find out how much revenue would decline as projects were cancelled and backlogged work ran out has been a bit like watching a fat man start a swan dive off the high board: You want to avert your eyes so as not to see what happens when his flabby midsection smacks the water, but you look on and hope for a graceful landing. It would have been better to turn away. The combined revenue for the Top 250 firms in 2009 totalled $10.2 billion (B), $2B less than the year before." In terms of where the work is coming from, architects packed their bags and headed to the Middle East, China, and elsewhere in Asia, last year to earn money and pay off their car payments and mortgages. In terms of the top 3: 1. AECOM . 2. Gensler 3. URS Corp. Gensler's Beverly Hills office building
· Income Belly Flops; Firms Swim for Work Offshore [AR]