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Barchitecture Check, New Boyle Heights Farmers Market

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LOS ANGELES: Barchitecture may just have replaced starchitecture as the slogan of the times. Unable to afford a Jean Nouvel, we will buy you a Bud Light. Local firm Somewhere Something made this bar--dubbed barchitecture--especially for that recent Dwell on Design-associated City Listening party. Principal Jason King tells us robots were involved in the assembly, and that the "connections were perfected in the computer so that everything would fit together exactly and create a large amount of tension. There was an 'uh-oh' moment or two during the assembly, but in the end it worked out swimmingly." Bottoms up! [Curbed InBox]

Gold Line is bringing the party to Boyle Heights. The Boyle Heights Farmers’ Market kicks off tomorrow at Mariachi Plaza. There's a party tomorrow to open the market, which will run every Friday from 3 p.m.-8 p.m. [Curbed InBox]