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Meet Legendary Place, Hollywood's Newest Condo Building

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Last Friday, we spent part of the afternoon touring Legendary Place, a new Hollywood development at Detroit Street, right below Sunset. The project was developed by Legendary Investors, the same firm that bought numerous loans on Meruelo Maddux's downtown properties and tried to foreclose on the 11th and Grand plot. While Legendary circles Meruelo Maddux, they're also finishing work on this 23-unit condo project. A lot of these buildings have cropped up lately around Hollywood and West Hollywood, so if there's something different about Legendary Place, it's that: 1. The project has both flats and townhomes 2. Units are large, ranging from 1,400 square feet to 2,200 square feet. Also notable: Big walk-in closets and wide hallways (that you'd find in a house), while the units themselves (even the outdoor spaces) are very quiet. Who knew this street was so quiet? Prices range from $650,000-$999,000.

According to Joe Reichling, sales agent for Sotheby's, the building will look to compete with other condo projects, like 1200 Sweetzer, 855 Croft, Hancock Lofts, and the Predock Frane-design building down the street, among others. The sales office opens on July 17th, and construction on the building will end in August. And HOAs range from $280-$380.

And the only question we had before we left: What is this neighborhood called? The Los Angeles Times Great Mapping project calls it Hollywood, but is there nothing more specific?

· Legendary Place [Official Site]

Legendary Place

1411 detroit street, los angeles