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HOV Days Soon OVA for Many of State's Hybrids

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The state's carpool lanes are going to free-up a bit on January 1--that's when 85,000 yellow-stickered hybrids get the boot (first the state stopped issuing the stickers a few years back). The governor signed a bill yesterday that marks December 31 as the last day 1999-2006 Honda Insights, Honda Civic Hybrids, and Toyota Priuses can use the carpool lane, reports Cars with the white stickers--which include plug-in, hydrogen, and natural gas vehicles like the Tesla Roadster and Nissan Leaf--can still cruise in the HOV lanes. There's a bill wending its way through the legislature that would include carpool access for plug-in hybrids and electric cars with range-extending gasoline engines. The website Plug in America expands on California's green car perks: "CA -Rebate system provides $5,000 for (battery electric vehicles), $3,000 for (plug-in hybrid electric vehicles), and $1,500 for electric motorcycles and (neighborhood electric vehicles0. Various utilities throughout the state also offer discounted rates for residential vehicle charging during off-peak hours." Image by superape via flickr
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