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Three-Bedroom Near Culver City's Galleries

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"Just in case you want to feature our little house," writes the owner of this three-bedroom home in Culver City, sending in the listing. Well, well, well. Brave owners, ready to face a bunch of toxic Curbed commenters. But how's the pricing? The owners are asking $699,000. The home, which was redesigned, last sold in 2007 for $575,000. Via the listing: "It feels like a private compound with all sides of the home providing patio and garden space. Exquisite design of the light fixtures, the wood floors, the new kitchen, the cool bathrooms and the glass doors make this home a perfect fit with neighboring art galleries, fancy restaurants and hip shops." The bedrooms look a little small, but one of the bedrooms houses a kid, and those little buggers don't know the difference. But there's plenty of yard. Listing here.

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