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City Slapped, Must Return Traffic Calming Measures to Westwood

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As part of Casden's newish mixed-use Palazzo development in Westwood, neighborhood roads were given traffic calming measures like speed bumps and median cones, reports Streetsblog LA. But those fixtures were temporary, and their permanence was contingent on residents agreeing to them via a survey handed out six months after they were installed. The survey only garnered 60 percent support, not enough to keep the bumps and cones around. Here's the rub--the Department of Transportation broke the law, according to a judge, by distributing the survey outside the bounds of the area affected by the traffic measures. So back go the humps and bumps, and they're sticking around permanently in the pedestrian-heavy area. Image from Streetsblog via Flickr
· Judge Rules Traffic Calming Return to Westwood-Holmby Area [Streetsblog LA]